草必枯乾,花必淍謝,惟有我們上帝的話永遠立定! ~以賽亞書40:8

Calvin Klein 有一款經典是男女香水的代表作,1988年所發行的「Eternity 永恆」,它是當年Calvin Klein先生送給當時助理,也是第二任妻子Kelly的新婚禮物,從香水到仿十字架造型瓶身中,象微著至死不渝的愛情。這香水不但是個經典暢銷商品,也讓一個簡單清新、如同初戀時在心中的淺淺悸動,一代一代的傳講下去。「永恆」,是許多人想要追求超越一代生命的長度卻不容易尋到的目標,有人想留名,有人想留命,也有人想留功績。



今天這款「Eternity 永恆」的香水依然暢銷,但Calvin Klein 和Kelly的婚姻在二十年後就走到了盡頭。人的愛情不盡都美好,也有幻滅的時刻。人的幸福,大家都想,卻不是人人可以享受得到的。你的人生追求什麼?你所依靠的夠不夠長久,地球會暖化、環境會改變,但只有神的應許永不改變。草必枯乾,花必淍謝,惟有我們上帝的話永遠立定!當我們看到美麗的景物隨著四季運轉而變化時,才了解到,只有背後的造物主在永恆中所立定的根基永不改變。人謹此一生,只有為主工作永揚溢,只有這一次的機會,失去就不再來,願我們每一個人都能尋到生命的終極價值,不只值得,更加耀眼美麗。

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever. Isaiah 40:8

Eternity is a fragrance introduced in 1988 by Calvin Klein. It was inspired by a wedding gift he bought for his second wife, Kelly, his assistant at the time, as a tribute to Calvin Klein’s eternal love for his wife and family. Eternity and its cross-shaped packaging tell the story of love shared over a lifetime. This perfume is a best-selling product, and a classic symbol passed down year by year, reminding people of the fresh, innocent first love. “Eternity” is a goal that many people pursue beyond the length of life but is hard to find. Some people want to keep fame, many want to elongate a life, and others need achievements.

The love story of a boy and a girl may touch many people who seek pleasure in love, who also use all methods to seek merit, fame, and wealth. They want to be rich in material and build a comfortable zone in the busy and blind world, so they can rest relaxed when they are old. Love is not just the pursuit of temporary passion but also a lifetime of happiness. You accept life’s tests and constantly adapt to the two different minds and habits; more importantly, you must go through joy and grow old together. That’s how you turn the temporary into eternity. And in this process, it’s not easy to maintain enthusiasm, but it is what everybody wants.

We believe we can keep the passion by constantly pursuing whatever is popular. We think that seizing beautiful moments can decorate our appearance to others. However, the pursuit of fashion will eventually tire us out, and the beautiful moment may be lost in an instant. Young people want to possess the newest mobile phones. After owning a few, they realize phones are just tools. Some people like to taste delicious food. They may lose interest when they’re too full of food and wine. And if they consume too much, they might need medical care. One moment of pleasure cannot lead to a lifetime of joy, and everlasting happiness must be based on eternal values.

Today, despite the Eternity perfume being popular, Kelly and Calvin Klein’s marriage has come to an end after 20 years. Love is not always beautiful. It has its bad times too. Everyone wants happiness, but not everyone can enjoy it. What do you pursue in life? If you rely on eternity, the climate will change, and so will the environment. Only God’s promises never change. The grass withers, and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever. When we see the scenery changing with the seasons, we realize that only the root established by the creator in eternity shall never change. We have one life, and this is the only opportunity that we get to work for the Lord. I hope that each of us can find the ultimate value of life, not only make worth of it but make it more dazzling and beautiful.